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I'd say it's unbelievable, if I hadn't already forecasted it when Arnold put his appointee in the SoS office. It was certainly the pay back for getting Kevin Shelly out of the picture.

Please read this!
for background look at:

McPherson, has conditionally certified Diebold's entire line here
GEMS tabulators
Hackable optical scanners, touch screens and most importantly the GEMS tabulators.

Even though time and again they have been proven not only unreliable but unsafe and the people of California DO NOT WANT THEM!

McPherson has just laid hands upon this beast and brought it back from the dead.

Here is a slightly (but understandably) hysterical post from daily kos about it

Debra Bowen, who is running for SoS and is a big advocate of voting rights and verified voting is leading this fight.

Here is your contact list for the Rules Committee, you need not be Californian: Urge support for subpoenas of election industry and certification insiders who didn't testify on the 16th.

Senator Don Perata (Chair) D
(916) 651-4009
District office (510) 286-1333

Senator Jim Battin (Vice-Chair) R
(916) 651-4037

Senator Roy Ashburn R
(916) 651-4018

Senator Debra Bowen D
EMAIL ONLY - (Ms. Bowen is mounting this case and will be busy preparing, emails are welcomed-- See below*)

Senator Gilbert Cedillo D
(916) 651-4022

or if you want to be lazy:
copy these e-mails:,,,

SECOND- What to say:

Be concise, be polite, be professional. Here's your message: ask for "Rules Committee support for subpoenas of election industry and certification insiders who won't otherwise inform the Elections Committee as to what's going on".

The key people: Diebold head programmers, federal testing labs (Ciber, Wyle) that repeatedly certified these flawed systems, voting system examiners who took taxpayer money, spent hours on so-called "security exams" on systems your 12-year old sister can hack, then repeatedly recommended for certification.

This is about volume of calls logged, emails sent. Not only should YOU make calls, but this needs to go out to your list.

Polite, professional, short clear message, FIRM is what works. Your passion and conviction will speak volumes.

Once subpoenas go out, that will have nationwide impact. Never before have the key witnesses had to answer questions under oath in public. That will unravel the garment, and we are so close. Demonstrate that the citizenry of America wants those guys compelled to testify, with subpoena power, under oath. Per Bev Harris..."Perjury will follow". It's our best shot that is achievable before the critical Nov. elections.

--"Email is great because it is easy for us to log and report -- and we can actually prove how many emails we've received!"

"We are going to need an enormous amount of people power in the next couple of weeks. Together we can change this whole pathetic mess. Let's stand up for our democracy RIGHT NOW."

"Please email me in support of issuing subpoenas rather than calling -- you will save my staff a great deal of time logging calls, and you know what kind work we have
to do right now. You can always call and fax later!"

here is my letter:
I couldn't believe my eyes today when I saw SoS McPherson's press release on friday (taking out the trash day). Perhaps you saw it as well?

I am petitioning you, the rules committee to support subpoenas of election industry and certification insiders immediately.

This situation is dire, and the "public hearings" on the matter have been a joke, I am reminded of Douglas Adams quote from the Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy:

"Whatever information your looking for you can find it by following these simple direction. You just have to go down to the basement, the one without stairs, with a torch. It's in the bottom of a locked cabinet stuck in a disused bathroom with a sign on the door saying Beware of Leopard."

Is there some political kickback going on? Why on earth is this happening??

These machines not only do not work, they have been proven time and time again to be fraudulent.
Look at this PDF:
Anything with OS is where one of these unsecure machines are, this is cause for concern.

Especially on this day when we celebrate the lives of our presidents and our Democracy itself.

I very eagerly await your response on this matter.

-My info

please spread this as far and wide as you can.
You can just link here if you like.
Thank you.

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