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We made a great record and We just recorded what is probably the most *IMPORTANT* record I have ever been a part of. It is a record of our times, of our situation, a record that presents hope and laughter in the face of absolute despair, a record that advocates getting tough and getting through it, because you CANNOT stop the signal. We in Victory and Associates recorded a HELL ASS ROCK RECORD.

And for some reason LJ won't let me link to the awesome/ridiculous fake press conference we made before recording it, but it's at:

We have a goal of $5,000, seems like a lot, but it isn't. That's exactly how much it will cost to put out on a 180 Gram Vinyl with a gatefold cover by Mackie Osbourne. Yup. Gatefold cover, like Led Zeppelin or something. Yes, this is a ballsy move, we're also $1K towards the goal.

It sounds fantastic, which I know, pretty much means nothing from me (a dude in the band), and since it's not done being mixed I can't prove it yet. When people deign to buy music these days it is always, and I mean ALWAYS, after previewing it first. But I guarantee you, this record is worth your time and your belief.

So yeah, I don't know if anybody is reading this at all these days, and if they are, it might just be in the hopes of gathering some intel to use against me. Whatever.

We made a great record and THESE THINGS ARE FACTS! Help us put it out won't you?
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