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Conan Neutron
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We made a great record and We just recorded what is probably the most *IMPORTANT* record I have ever been a part of. It is a record of our times, of our situation, a record that presents hope and laughter in the face of absolute despair, a record that advocates getting tough and getting through it, because you CANNOT stop the signal. We in Victory and Associates recorded a HELL ASS ROCK RECORD.

And for some reason LJ won't let me link to the awesome/ridiculous fake press conference we made before recording it, but it's at: http://www.thesethingsarefacts.com

We have a goal of $5,000, seems like a lot, but it isn't. That's exactly how much it will cost to put out on a 180 Gram Vinyl with a gatefold cover by Mackie Osbourne. Yup. Gatefold cover, like Led Zeppelin or something. Yes, this is a ballsy move, we're also $1K towards the goal.

It sounds fantastic, which I know, pretty much means nothing from me (a dude in the band), and since it's not done being mixed I can't prove it yet. When people deign to buy music these days it is always, and I mean ALWAYS, after previewing it first. But I guarantee you, this record is worth your time and your belief.

So yeah, I don't know if anybody is reading this at all these days, and if they are, it might just be in the hopes of gathering some intel to use against me. Whatever.

We made a great record and THESE THINGS ARE FACTS! Help us put it out won't you?

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It would be fruitless to try to chronicle all of the annoying things that happened today, but suffice to say, it ended, literally with the dog eating my dinner.

My own fault for leaving it unattended, even for a moment.
To be fair, it did smell delicious.

But that is very indicative of how today has gone.

Shame really, played a great show last night and lots of awesome stuff on deck.

Too bad rest is not one of those awesome things.
Still... this day can basically suck it.
Sometimes you live a day, sometimes the day lives you.

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Victory and Associates
Hurry Up Shotgun
$7, 21+, 6PM START TIME! Matinee.

Release show for The Victory and Associates/Hurry Up Shotgun split 7"Turn Down the Guitars/Paths
And all kinds of other awesomeness.

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Check out this video I shot and edited of her talking about reforming arcane cabaret licenses in Oakland the need for an all ages venue in Oakland in the style of the Vera Project in Seattle.

So great!

Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
Governor: Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Controller: John Chiang
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
US Senator: Barbara Boxer
US Representative: Barbara Lee
State Assembly, 16th district: Sandre Swanson
Superior Court Judge; County of Alameda; Seat 9: Victoria S. Kolakowski
Bart Director, District 4: Robert Raburn

Prop. 19-Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana: YES!!!
Prop.  20-Congressional Redistricting: NO
Prop.  21-State Parks: YES
Prop.  22-Local government funds: NO
Prop.  23-Suspend Air Pollution law: NO! NO! NO!
Prop.  24-Close corporate tax loopholes: YES YES YES YES!
Prop.  26-Polluter Protection: NO!
Prop.  27-Dissolve Redistricting commission: YES

Alameda County:
Measure F-YES

Measure L- YES (soft)

City of Oakland Measures
Measure V- YES
Measure W- YES
Measure X- NO
Measure BB-YES

Conan Neutron voting guide: 2010
Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
The easiest choice i've ever had since moving to Oakland in 1995. Instead of voting for a lesser of two evils, i'm voting for one of the most inspiring candidate i've ever had the pleasure to see, talk to, work with and vote for. All I knew going into this election cycle was that I wanted ANYBODY BUT DON PERATA. I also knew that Jean Quan is entitled, petulant, and obnoxious. I never knew how entitled, petulant and obnoxious until I had to sit through so long of hearing her talk. Sheesh. But dude, seriously Rebecca Kaplan is fantastic, she's right about almost everything, but pragmatic too. A pragmatic progressive?!? Wha? wha? wha?
I'm talking about things like proper digitizing of public records to speed city hall efficiency, putting permit applications online. Ridiculously no brainer stuff that takes a pretty big brain to make part of your campaign. Also stuff like reforming Oakland's preposterously outdated and draconian cabaret licensing so we can have new venues, bar and places to eat. I'm sick to death of people paying lip service to Oakland's potential, I want somebody to deliver results… and after Ron Dellum's shameful reign I think we're due. I am straight up telling you, if you are not paying attention to Rebecca Kaplan, you need to, she is everything this city needs. And if you don't live in Oakland but know somebody that does, tell somebody.

Here's a video of her top 3 priorities at a debate I took:

I agree with Rebeccca too.
We have ranked choice for the first time EVER in this election. You should take advantage of this. But if your first choice isn't Rebecca Kaplan, who is far and away the best candidate, then I'm as surprised as I am disappointed. It doesn't have anything to do with the landmark of her being the first openly gay mayor in a bay area city, it's because she's the best damn person for the job. 'nuff said.

So since it's ranked choice:
2nd Choice: Don Macleay
3rd Choice: Larry Lionel “LL” Young, a young dude to watch for, for sure

But really, it should be Kaplan 3 times.

Here is the important part:
*NOT* Don Perata or Jean Quan.
I cannot stress this enough, I dislike them both for very different reasons, but with a field so wide picking either of these clowns would be a major mistake. They are truly terrible, both… and I will go into detail if I must, but don't vote for them because you "recognize the name", they both are fatally flawed, and we have an excellent candidate in Rebecca Kaplan. I haven't been this "all about" a candidate in a long, long time. She's great. If you live in Oaktown and are not stoked about voting, I urge you to learn more about Kaplan and GET STOKED.

Governor: Jerry Brown
Let's be clear, if you vote for Meg Whitman, I don't want to know you. Sorry. I know I say a lot of mean things all the time, but it's kind of true. I was hard on Jerry Brown when he was my mayor, really hard. I still disagree with some of the choices he made, but he's been an alright Attorney General, and he's the kind of guy that's the good kind of career politician. He knows how to get stuff done. Also I get sick of Richie Rich types trying to buy California elections, that counts for Meg Whitman too. Jerry Brown is not a perfect dude, but Meg Whitman is a nightmare without a dream.

Jerry Brown all the way, no waffles.

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
This is a soft endorsement.
Let me explain. I was very critical of Gavin Newsom when he chose to run for mayor, I think he did a fine enough job as mayor, but understand people in SF that are irked at him. He's also a hell of a politician, and he's shown, to a certain degree a willingness to learn and change. I actually think he could learn a lot from Jerry, so I endorse him softly… and mostly because of trepidation about his. For people, especially out of state people that think he's some kind of progressive icon. Dude isn't. Straight up. But here's the thing: I don't buy into the St. Maldonado thing at all. That guy skeeves me out. By the way, the Green Party candidate, James "Jimi" Castillo has his vocation as "Cultural Spiritual Advisor" that is damn hilarious. It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but geez dude… typecast much? Whatever, i'll vote for Newsom.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Most people don't pay attention to Secretary of State, I do. Debra Bowen might be the finest secretary of state in my lifetime. I talk mad trash about pubic servants just switching up jobs. Debra Bowen is the only one I look forward to moving to a position where she can really do some good. She's smart, savvy and a great worker. You'd be a fool to pick anybody else. Easiest choice if you aren't voting for Oakland mayor.

Controller: John Chiang
State controller protects the integrity of public funds. With a hell of a lot of public funds locked away, and with a constant budget crisis, this position went from… wha?? to VERY important. He was a voice reason on selling state buildings at fire sale prices (you sell HIGH, not low). When Schwarzenegger issued an edict to cut all state workers to minimum wage, he refused. That was the right move, it was a total ridiculous move when there was no budget. Strickland is not all bad, he sued the Davis administration to disclose details of the energy deals. Guess what? Public access to those records… aaaaand all that money went to Enron. He gets a thumbs up from me for that. But guess what? He supported a constitutional amendment to nullify national health care legislation. No excuse for that. Chiang wins.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Oh Bill Lockyer, you're still in public office eh?
If there's a poster dude for the whole switching around offices thing, this guy is it. Straight up…termed out as State Senator, then Attorney General, then Treasurer. But! He's showed some creativity keeping California safe from wall street and… well California. He's a big advocate of California bonds, and weighed in with the cat herding in the legislature when there was no reason to. Oh Bill, I give you the Spock eyebrow every election, but this one you are getting re-election from me. I don't have time to quibble about you, i've got an alphabet soup of state propositions to parse.

Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Kamala is against the death penalty and so am I.
Do you need more?
If the marijuana proposition passes Cooley might try to overturn it.
Maaaan, what staaaaate do yoooooou thiiiiink you liiiiiive iiiiiiiin?!?!?
F that guy. Kamala isn't perfect, but I think she'll be a great AG

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
This is right about where normal folks eyeballs start to roll back in their head… Lord, Insurance Commisioner?? What does that even DOOO?!?
Well guess what? The Insurance commissioner regulates the premiums that consumers pay for all insurance for home and vehicles and indirectly for businesses. The next insurance commissioner will also play an important role in implementing the comprehensive healthcare reform law. At the same time, the commissioner will have to guard against insurers acting up and reducing their offerings as new regulations come into effect. Villines was an aide on environmental issues with Pete Wilson. Yes, that Pete Wilson. Dave Jones is big into consumer protection. We could use that.

US Senator: Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer is one of the best Senators this state has ever had. Of our two Senators she is the one I get excited about voting for. She voted against the Iraq war, against FISA, and has been for some incredibly meaningful legislation. People count her out on every election. They always count her out and she always surprises everybody. Carly Fiorina is a passionate advocate against health care reform and an outsourcer (HP). Barbara Boxer is great, she's a better Senator then you probably give her credit for. Vote against her at your own peril. In the top 4 easiest choice on the ballot for me.

US Representative: Barbara Lee
c'mon man, if you have to ask?? Barbara Lee speaks for me.
Against the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and whatever war these fools want to involve us in next. She was against Stupak, all of Bush's foolishness and quietly does her job in a fantastic way. She's an inspiration, I wish we were related. I feel happy to have her as my congressperson.

State Assembly, 16th district: Sandre Swanson
Other than endorsing Clinton in the 2008 Presidential election, i've never found anything to make me too bummed out about the guy. I kind of wish he "went for it" a little more. Jim Faison is into offshore drilling and is super xenophobic about immigrants. No contest.
Sandre, you will win. Now do something important.
For serious. Do something important.

Superior Court Judge; County of Alameda; Seat 9: Victoria S. Kolakowski
At last! A judicial appointment/election I have some background in. Victoria is a great candidate. She also will be the first transgendered judge in California. Victoria is a skilled jurist, and most importantly *NOT* a former prosecutor like so many others are. A former administrative law judge who I have actually had the pleasure of hearing speak.

Bart Director, District 4: Robert Raburn
This is a twofer! You get to vote AGAINST Carole Ward Allen, who is the genius behind that Oakland Airport Connector boondoggle. And she basically is terrible. Raburn. Is part of the East Bay Bike coalition and has been very helpful in getting lots of really good improvements made. Downballot elections are decided on very few votes. Carole Ward Allen sucks, let's replace her with somebody good.

State Measures:
Prop. 19-Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana: YES!!!
Let's be clear the level to which this affects me on a daily basis is nil. Schools and workplaces are still drug free, we get a revenue stream. This is a culture changer. The time has come, prohibition does NOT work. Local government can choose to tax this or not. If alcohol is legal and taxed, marijuana should be too. It's about time. I understand that it is not a perfect proposition at all. I cannot forsee any scenario that could justify continuing prohibition for this, legalize it and tax it. We need the money.

Prop. 20-Congressional Redistricting: NO
But, but, but, our congressional districts are gerrymandered and… and… yes. This is true, and the incumbent protection racket gets a lot of people switching jobs constantly. I really dislike that. This sucks, right wing forces try to sneak one of these on to every ballot. Just because of that you should vote it down. It's designed to reduce the amount of democrats and progressives in power. Now if I could *PICK* the democrats, we'd have a deal. A decent idea that has yet to be presented by a non-wealthy right wing activist.

Prop. 21-State Parks: YES
Vehicle registration fees are already kind of expensive, but if you can't spare $18 to maintain clean beaches and awesome state parks, well… come on now… what kind of cheap skate are you?

Prop. 22-Local government funds: NO
Well intentioned, but no. The idea is to help local government out with immediate payments, but guess what gets to take the hit? Public education and other public services. Good idea, especially living in a city that is in a massive, massive budget shortfall, but yeah… not down with it.
First do no harm.

Prop. 23-Suspend Air Pollution law: NO! NO! NO!
Fueled by texas oil companies.
Do you need more?
ok, it basically repeals California's global warming law and guts all of the progress we've made in gee and clean energy. F this proposition in the face!!!

Prop. 24-Close corporate tax loopholes: YES YES YES YES!
Republicans leveraged the 2/3 rule in 2008 and 2009 to force the creation of a tax loophole that adds $2 Billion a year to the states's deficit. Yes, I said… TWO BILLION A YEAR. I pay until it hurts like every other tax paying citizen. The fact that these corporations don't have to makes me want to reach for the pitchfork and the torch. Vote yes on this one please.

Prop. 25-END 2/3 REQUIREMENT FOR BUDGET: YES! YES! YES! A thousand times yes
Let me put it this way, if you vote no on this, you have no right to EVER, EVER bitch or complain about the state budget or deficits again. The fact is the need for a 2/3 majority was a "from hate's heart I stab at thee" stratagem that has effectively crippled the state legislature. This. Must. End. A 2/3 majority is almost impossible the way this state is setup… I get a little embarrassed every year a budget is not passed. You should be too. This fixes that.


Prop. 26-Polluter Protection: NO!
Oh good! Another proposition put on the ballot by right wing corporations. Man, isn't direct democracy great? Anyway, this is all about undermining global warming law and making it impossible for corporations to actually pay for their cleanup costs.
Let me put it this way: Do you feel like BP was victimized and treated unfairly for ruining the gulf of mexico? Then vote yes! Otherwise this proposition can go straight to hell. NO!

Prop. 27-Redistricting commission: YES
dissolves the redistricting commission put together by prop 11. Like I said earlier, it's a decent enough idea, just championed by fools, villains and jackasses. Dissolve these useless commissions! Tear it down and start over. If the conservatives of this state were to somehow gerrymander themselves into a majority you would never hear the end of the unconstitutionality of redistricting. Screw those guys. I don't even know who these 14 people are, why should they have the say in redistricting? Prop. 11 was stupid and was enacted by people voting for something stupid. To hell with it!

Alameda County:
Measure F-YES
We need money, this raises utility taxes 1.0 percent, which includes cable.
Whatever, your damn cable television isn't going to do you much good when somebody steals your damn wide screen TV.
Vote yes.

Measure L- YES (soft)
Raise taxes to pay teachers more.
Look man, I worked in education for a couple years. It's a rough damn job. Your kids are a nightmare for these teachers, and for my friends that are teachers, you are saints. There's going to come a day when these kinds of measures can't be the answer, in the mean time… i'd like the teachers to get a lil' something. ok? It's also easy for me to say because I do not own property. OUSD was so bad that the district got taken away… believe me those fundamental differences are still there and many people that ought to know better ignore best practices developed by charter schools (like my old employer). I understand if you would want to vote no, but I say yes.

City of Oakland Measures
Measure V- YES
Tax Marijuana to fund city coffers
Are you Effing kidding me? YES!
Dude, it's a growth industry (heh.) and the city needs the money.
Where's the argument?
Once it is legalized Oakland is going to become even more of a "mecca" for marijuana than it is now… let's get some of that green! (so to speak.)


Measure W- YES
$2 telephone tax to city coffers.
Hardline phones.
I haven't had a hard line phone in 6 years. City needs money, wha'chu gonna do?
I'mma vote yes not his one.

Measure X- NO
Supposedly to stop more layoffs of cops. Whatever. Only 75% has to be used for police and fire, there's no guarantee that is where it will go. To hell with this. Have the stones to legislate city council. I'm supporting a lot of tax hikes for people that aren't me, this isn't one of them. $360 per single family residential unit is a lot.

Measure BB-YES
This is a big one, Measure Y was a thing that passed a few years back to establish after school programs for at risk youth… it works, it has good results. But guess what? There was a requirement for minimum police staffing levels. WOW, WHAT A GREAT IDEA IT WAS TO LAY OFF THOSE COPS! NOT ONLY DO WE GET A JUMP IN CRIME, WE LOSE A BUNCH OF MONEY. Idiots! Kaplan voted no, Quan and her ilk voted yes on that… to hell with them.
Anyway, I could see a no vote on this, but here's the thing, we don't need to be incarcerating these kids, we should really stop them from having to restore to this in the first place… most importantly it abolishes the minimum staffing requirements so the city can collect it's damn money. Worthwhile.

Man, is that it?
Yes! yes, it is.
I don't have any information on judicial appointments, sorry… I keep meaning to look that up every year… but there isn't much to look up. Bummer, I know… but I'd rather get this out when it was useful than not. Call me a pragmatist like that I guess. Anyway, feel free to disagree… but I trust you, I've spent WAY TOO LONG researching all this stuff, so i'm not just shooting from the hip here.
I hope this is of help to all of you.
And if you like this or find it useful, *PLEASE* share amongst your friends.

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V&A are proud to present a joint offering with the excellent Hurry Up Shotgun.

Turn Down the Guitars/Paths

The Victory and Associates song, Turn Down the Guitars is a clever self aware take on the often ridiculous and confrontational relationship between a band and a sound person, and dare I (Neutron) say it? The finest Victory and Associates song yet.

On the other side is the excellent Hurry Up Shotgun song
An urgent and raucous number that will leave you reeling and begging for more

This is available for IMMEDIATE download in high quality MP3, AAC, wav, FLAC, Ogg or any format that you like, as well as free listening at that same link, or on this site.

Also, you may also pre-order the limited edition lathe cut clear vinyl 7" by Single Piece Slate, first printing only consists of 100, so do not delay!

Physical music product is a collector's market now, and Victory and Associates and Hurry Up Shotgun have embraced that completely.
If for some reason you wish to purchase downloads (hahah!), you may do so at the iTunes music store in several weeks.
Thanks! And please enjoy our lastest offering and spread the word,

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This is our last bay area show until October or so.
We've got a few recordings to finish up and a bunch of new songs to work on.
It should be great... friday night, 2 blocks from Ashby BART?
Hard to go wrong.

Also the record release show for the Party Savior/Thousandaire 7".
Which we have in stock now and looks and sounds fantastic.

- Victory and Associates (http://www.victoryandassociates.net/)
- Genius and the Thieves (http://www.myspace.com/geniusandthethieves)
- META (http://www.myspace.com/meta1234)

The Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA

For the first time in about a thousand years, I massively revamped my personal website.
I put in a bunch of music, and video and little anecdotes about my bands and such.

So if that kind of thing interests you, knock yourself out!

Laid off, out of work like almost everybody else I know now. I have been employed constantly for 9 years, I did NOT see this coming.


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Another live video from my band from last week.

This song is called Not Returning.
It's something of a "50 ways to leave your lover for somebody living in a small town"
For me, that was Modesto.

anyway, enjoy!

As always Victoryandassociates.net

Here's a video of a live performance for my band Victory and Associates
It's a song called Turn Down The Guitars and explores the often adversarial relationship between rock and roll and the soundman.

"It's too ding dang loud!"

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Cancel your plans, we'll make it worth your while.

06/16/2010 - El Rio
The Hi-Nobles
Victory and Associates
Genius and the Thieves

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Voter Guide

Governor: Jerry Brown
Jerry will win it in a landslide.
He was a mediocre mayor of Oakland, but a hell of a lot better than Dellums. Who knows how he will govern, it could be rightward leaning "moderate" (read: corporatist), or it could be progressive populist? He'll win it though, make no mistake.
I guess you could protest vote, if you are that kind of person.

Senate: Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer is one of the best Senators we have out there, and the fact that she never gets the respect she deserves is shameful.
She is one of the better progressive voices in the land, and certainly the best Senator we have. A friend of labor, a woman's right to choose, and against the Iraq war.
If you are voting against her for some strange reason, I am at a loss as to why. Please reassess that dumb move and don't let perfect be the enemy of (very) good.

Congress 9th District: Barbara Lee
My congressperson is amazing. No discussion here.
If you think we can do better than her, you have a hole in your head.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Rules. She should be the governor.
I think she is running unopposed?

Controller: John Chiang
Two years ago, Arnold tried to cut the pay of thousands of state employees to the minimum wage level, Chiang defied him and refused to change the paychecks.
Make no mistake, we are screwed financially as a state because of the rolling blackmail of years past, but Chiang deserves to be re-elected.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer (I guess)
I get really, really sick of people just bouncing around different offices in public service. That's kind of how Lockyer rolls.
He used state bonds to promote alternative energy, and that's good. Kind of unenthusiastic, but there you go.

Attorney General: Kamala Harris (begrudgingly)
Make no mistake; I am no huge fan of the woman. But Delgadillo is a damn nightmare for the general.
She is adamantly against the death penalty, even in the face of tons of criticism, so am I? I don't like her pandering position against sex offenders or her demonizing of sex workers at all. I'm considering abstaining on this one, but I'm so against the barbaric death penalty, I’m leaning towards Harris.
Also, we do need more gender balance in state executive government. Right now it's Debra Bowen and the sausage party.

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
Both candidates are good. I'm just glad Cruz Bustamante isn't running again.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Gloria Romero
There's a lot of fear mongering about charter schools, most of it baseless in the bay area. I should know, I work at one.
Tom Torlakson has been endorsed by many places, including the Guardian.

Assembly district 16: Sandré R. Swanson, Democratic
I keep waiting for him to actually do something, but meek or not, he's pretty good.
Bad move keeping quiet on Oscar Grant though, c'mon man, have some stones.

Prop 13: YES
Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings -- State of California
You know that dude Sen. Roy Ashburn? The Republican lawmaker that was arrested after driving home drunk from a gay bar?
Yeah, this is his proposition. It's worth mentioning, even if it's almost irrelevant. I'm actually advocating yes for this. Why? Earthquake retrofitting is essential, and I guess there are a lot of people that hold off on this because of the tax assessment. As an aside, if you really aren't into tax assessment law, I don't suggest reading the damn thing. There is no official argument against it though, it's not contentious that I am aware of. Our tax laws are absolutely insane, and it's one of the reasons our state is in such sorry shape, but man... without Seismic retrofitting, well... I’d say I *shudder* to think, buuuut....

Prop 14: NO
Open Primaries
Should the California Constitution be amended to require that all candidates for statewide or congressional office run in a single primary open to all registered voters, with only the top two vote-getters, regardless of their political party preference, advancing to the general election?

Do you think more millionaire conservatives should be running for public office, and be able to do so as "independents"? Do you want knuckle dragging reactionaries to be able to vote against progressive candidates? Ivory tower dwellers: Do you want to ensure that the Green party will never, ever, be elected to statewide office? Then vote yes.
Otherwise, vote NO.

Prop 15: YES
California Fair Elections Act
"Should California lift the ban on public funding of political campaigns and establish public funding for Secretary of State Candidates in the 2014 and 2018 elections?"
Public funding is great, especially for something like Secretary of State, this is such a small step, but a good one. It also raises lobbyist registration from $12.50 a year to $350 a year. Nice.

Prop 16: H-E-L-L NO!!!!
"Let's give PG&E a big ol' blowjob"
PG&E is trying to protect its monopoly, plain and simple. Public power means that they lose money.
Voting for this is absolutely insane, or it means you work at PG&E. Also, if this passes, get ready for every corporation around funding their own propositions.
Man, I really need to get that proposition reform proposition together.
If you vote against only one proposition this year, it's this one.

Prop 17: H-E-L-L NO!!!!
Do you think the insurance company should be getting more money? Awesome! Vote yes. Do you think they should be allowed to be even more usurious?
Prop 17 would overturn key parts of Prop 103, which has prevented such gouging by insurers operating in the state since 1988. It's insane that they are peddling this steaming turd and doing well at it. Then again, they are appealing to the "fuck you, got mine" sensibility of folks. They are promising savings of "as much as $250 per year", awesome unless you are a new driver or for some reason somebody they don't want to insure. Overcome the greed folks, overcome the greed.

I’m not going to speak out too much on other districts, but as far as the house goes, there isn't anybody I can think of that deserves to be kicked out.

I'd also like to point out that Pete Stark is also badass
If you live in Alameda, Union City, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro, Fremont, deep east Oakland or Pleasanton, he is your rep!

The Guardian put it best:
"Most politicians mellow and get more moderate as they age; Stark is the opposite. He announced a couple of years ago that he's an atheist (the only one in Congress), opposed the Iraq war early, called one of his colleagues a whore for the insurance industry, and insulted President Bush and refused to apologize, saying: "I may have dishonored the commander-in-chief, but I think he's done pretty well to dishonor himself without any help from me." He served as chair of the House Ways and Means Committee for exactly one day — March 3 — before the Democratic membership overruled Speaker Pelosi and chucked him out on the grounds that he was too inflammatory. The 78-year-old may not be in office much longer, but he's good on all the major issues. He's also fearless. If he wants another term, he deserves one."
Love that guy!

Feel free to weigh in too... this is, after all, only one Neutron's opinion.

in honor of the single most consistent complaint I've gotten from sound guys (playing guitar or not) in all of my bands.

It's a somewhat tongue in cheek, kidding on the square take on the legit problem.

"turn the guitars down, you have to know your role...
Because there's no loud guitars in rock 'n roll"

Hopefully will be coming through the V&A meatgrinder your way soon enough.
Possibly the quickest turnaround time ever, I made the comment just after midnight on Saturday... demo got completed about an hour ago.

Show was good!
Not as good as the last/first one, but pretty damn good.
The bay area never ceases to amaze me though with the level of validation it requires from other people before they really cut loose.

I suppose that's a lot of places though.
Nobody gives a damn until you make them.

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Victory and Associates (us!)
Here Come the Saviours

It's going to be awesome and you should be there!

Or pre-order it anyway.
$5, downloads are free.
Victory and Associates Party Savior/Thousandaire

It is great. It is worth your $5.
Fuck man, it's $5.

You probably spend more than that on lunch or coffee.
Or maybe you don't...

The artwork on both sides is by the amazing Rachel Carns from the Need. Which has fulfilled one of my rock and roll "bucket list" items.

Preorder it y0!
I know you are probably broke.
And moreoever you are not used to having to pay for music... even $1, let alone 5 of them.
Hell, I'm broke too, which is why I have to flog this like a two dollar whore despite my revulsion at such self promotional tendencies. These pre-orders help the records get made, and instead of filling all of my time working extra jobs I don't want to do, I can actually focus on doing something awesome and making something great.

You can still download the mp3s for free though even if you don't want to buy it.
It is a pretty great record though, and even $5 helps cut the money pit of costs that is required for being in a band these days.

Hurry Up Shotgun
Victory and Associates
Genius and the Thieves
@ The Hemlock, SF

our 1st show.
'nuff said.

An on the ground report from a supporter of Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence the Unabridged audio, crashing a book signing in Lancaster, PA

All of this text and the photos are his and used with permission.

the moment

your humble cameraman/my best friend/roommate

terrible people excited to meet Karl

me in line


me again in line

the moment

a present for Conan.

What a day
Showed up at 12.
About 15 people protesting Rove outside in the rain being pushed away
by security
that made me happy they were there
Waited in line surrounded by people having the most
disgusting conversations
'barack obama isn't a citizen', 'glen beck', 'liberals are idiots'

I got up to Rove and I think he was excited I was there
because I wasn't at all like the rest of the crowd
handed him the book
and pulled out the album
(which multiple employees tried to take away from me while I was online)
'can i take your bag'

so he signs the book
and I hand him the album
he chuckles at first and goes back to finishing signing the book
then he takes the album again
and i'm thinking
'holy shit, he's gonna sign it'
but then he turns it over

I see him scanning the back
he is reading it and he mouths the word "biggest asshole"
and looks down and reads outloud
'work of satire'

his smile is gone
and he says 'i'm going to give this back to you'
and him and someone else usher me away without taking a picture

I know these pics aren't the best however!
Borders had 2 or 3 professional photographers there snapping snapping away
and after if you had a bracelet (which I did)
you sign this thing so you can get those photos online
i don't know when that will happen
but more photos will be coming and of better quality!


Absolutely amazing!
When I get it together, I am most certainly going to try to whip that into a news story/tip for the political blogs.

Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence: Unabridged Audio.

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Doris Haddock has passed away

DUBLIN, N.H. (AP)-- A New Hampshire woman who was known as Granny D and walked across the country a decade ago to publicize the need for campaign finance reform has died. She was 100.

Spokeswoman Maude Salinger says Doris "Granny D" Haddock died Tuesday night at her home in Dublin. Salinger, who is also a family friend, says Haddock died of chronic respiratory illness, surrounded by her family.

Haddock was 89 when she walked 3,200 miles to draw attention to campaign finance reform. At 94, she ran for U.S. Senate against Republican Judd Gregg.

Haddock's efforts to change the system were profiled in the 2007 documentary film "Run Granny Run." Some of Haddock's thoughts and speeches were uploaded to the film's web site, where they remain today.

Haddock, a Huffington Post blogger, also attended weekly meetings of the Citizen-Funded Election Task Force, which was created by the Legislature to develop proposals for public funding of state elections.

A public memorial service is planned.

One of my personal heroes has passed on. I don't care who you are, you absolutely have to read "You're Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell" by Doris "Granny D" Haddock. She lived a long, wonderful and full life and will be absolutely missed.

She is one of those larger than life figures that you just can't imagine ever dying.
And really when you think about it, in a way she never will.

She helped teach me that we have to be our own heroes and I try every day to live up that.

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Totally surreal, but awesome, check it out here.
And if you have a chance, make a comment over there as it increases the likelihood of it becoming a featured blog as well as the likelihood of me being able to do this again:

It's pretty rad being on the my favorite news source.

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Obviously this is for Project: Courage and Consequence
My second appearence on the Mike Malloy show.

part 1:

part 2:

if you have a youtube account, please uprate to 5 stars, comment and favorite and such, thanks!


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If you are in the bay area, it would be fantastic to see you here.

More notes on how to help soon.

Thanks to the East Bay Express's Rachel Swan for the excellent feature article in this weeks paper.

I big feature article in the East Bay Express about this record just came out.
Warning: plenty of explicit language within.


Bands of Courage and Consequence
by Rachel Swan

Indie rocker Conan Neutron has colorful ways of describing George W. Bush's former Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. He offered a few examples over beers at the Uptown Nightclub: "Master of lies and manipulation." "A man with blood on his hands." "Shameless tactician." "Lying salesman." "Gandalf behind the scenes." "Unconscionable, soulless asshole." That's only the beginning. Neutron also faults Rove for "all these wars that we're still embroiled in, our economy being screwed, and gay marriage being used as a wedge issue." Then there's that "porcine face," which, according to Neutron, resists even the softest lighting or the finest airbrushing techniques.

"Did I say 'cocksucker?'" he added, his voice rising to a crescendo. Mere mention of the name "Karl Rove" is enough to get his blood boiling, and spur another fusillade of insults.

Neutron's well-entrenched animus stems from eight years of watching Rove serve as "Bush's brain," by issuing terror warnings and launching warrantless wiretaps, among other offenses. Like many of Rove's detractors, Neutron blames the erstwhile Chief of Staff for engineering our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, what really got Neutron was Rove's recent comeback attempt, in the form of a new, self-aggrandizing autobiography. The title was the real clincher, Neutron said: "Courage and Consequence? Are you kidding me?"

Even as the ink dries on the pages, Neutron is planning his own project to coincide with Rove's March 9 book release. Originally, he wanted to create a one-off band that would perform songs about Karl Rove, and show "what the book should actually be about." The idea was to create a "Google bomb," like the one that Richard Kim and Betsy Reed created with their Sarah Palin parody, Going Rouge. When Neutron broached the subject with friends, their response was so overwhelming that he decided to take the idea one step further. He devised an entire compilation of songs that go against the Rovian grain. He named the album Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence, in the hope that it would steal hits on Google and perhaps even trick right-wing book-buyers into purchasing the wrong product. Barring a lawsuit for copyright infringement, Neutron says his main goal is to mess with the retired politician "in some small way" — even if it only amounts to a few less book sales, or a slightly lower Google ranking.

To Neutron, Rove's memoir and book tour is the equivalent of playing a show at the Hemlock Tavern: "You pump the show. You set it up. There's a solid routine to it that basically includes a lot of people kissing your ass." Thus, he continued, even a beleaguered politician can find ways to steer clear of critics. There's a real danger that Rove could successfully reframe history, or at least capitalize on a legacy of bloodshed and domestic surveillance. It's enough to get an activist rock musician hot under the collar. "He needs to be answered, and I don't see that happening from anyone else," said Neutron. "So I've elected myself curator of that."

In fairness, he has all the right job qualifications. Thirty-one-year-old Neutron grew up in Modesto, where he was the small-town misfit with blue hair, guitar skills, and erudite parents — they named him for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (He added the Neutron part in 1996 and won't reveal his real surname.) At age seventeen he moved up to the Bay Area, took a job in IT, and started the first in a series of offbeat rock bands, called Replicator. As frontman and lead guitarist, Neutron gave the band its distinctive nerdy stamp, writing songs with odd meters and Philip K. Dick references. Replicator enjoyed an eight-year tenure in the local club scene, and paved the way for Neutron's second band, Mount Vicious (which broke up in August). In 2004 Neutron helmed Bands Against Bush, a precursor to the Rove project with its own, similarly seditious compilation. Neutron said that Bands Against Bush landed him on a federal watch-list. He was sure of it, he said, because in 2005 all his parking tickets went immediately to collections, and he received jury duty notices about every six weeks. He couldn't pass through an airport security checkpoint without getting pulled out of line.

To complete Courage and Consequence in time for Rove's book tour meant Neutron had to follow a pretty aggressive timeline. He hatched the plan on November 29, which allowed him four months to corral the bands, record the songs, mix the album, and set the marketing campaign in motion. Neutron also formed a new band, called Victory and Associates. Thus, he got to contribute an anti-Rove ditty of his own, entitled "Lies and the Lying Liars That Sell Them" (a spinoff of Senator Al Franken's new book). Victory and Associates will perform its first show on March 18 at the Hemlock, several weeks after Courage and Consequence hits the streets.

It seemed improbable: a protest album with no financial backing, no promotional machine, and a deadline that brought everything down to the wire. But Neutron saw himself as a fearless David ready to fight Rove at all costs, even if it meant selling plasma to press up a thousand copies of the LP. Even he was surprised by the sudden onslaught of support. Thirteen bands signed on, ranging from local favorites (Heavenly States, Poster Children), to relative unknowns (Lambs of Abortion, We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next). Some came so late in the game that Neutron had to request a prerecorded, premixed track. Even more shocking was the response from fans, who made pledges on Neutron's web site to help fund the album. Neutron responded, in typical fund-drive fashion, with a tiered gift system. Five dollars guarantees a digital download, twenty dollars gets a digital download and copy of the vinyl LP. The sky's the limit, he said. "Donate a thousand dollars and you get to write something in the liner notes, a kiss on the forehead, dinner with me — I don't know." As of last week, the album was already 34 percent funded by outsider donations, enough to give Neutron a little courage and consequence of his own. Or as he put it, "It takes a village to fuck an asshole."


not bad! not bad at all.
47 preorders to go.

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I have a new band! It is called Victory and Associates, you can hear rough mixes of two of our songs at Stupid space

It comprises of:
Me on vocals
mrpelvis aka: Paul Miller on Guitar and Vocals
Evan Gritzon on Bass and vocals
Shane Otis on guitar
and Mouse Menough on Drums


It is simple really, you may know the men of Victory and Associates form other bands, you may not.
However, what is created when they come together is unique combination of rock and roll that hopefully pleases and excites. If you don’t know, you are going to want to know.

Take the parts of huge classic rock you may actually WANT to turn up, mix it with the parts of indie rock that has stood the test of time, throw in a dash of post-punk sensibility and and you have the right recipe to for this rock and roll melange.

Victory and Associates are on a mission of the great unjading
Something to believe in. Something to sing along and rock out to.
Something fantastic.

Comprised of members of Mount Vicious, Replicator, Ned, Ghost to Atom, Radio Crimes, My Sunny Disposition and more, Victory and Associates know their way around a good song and endeavor to deliver something exciting to both musician and non-musician alike.

Victory and Associates ARE the party saviors, and want you to remember:
Don’t just prepare to lose, you must prepare to win.

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Looks like I'm going to be on the nationally syndicated Mike Malloy show talking about Project: Courage and Consequence on friday 1/22 at 6:30 PST, 9:30 EST. That's 960AM in the bay area. I'm actually a huge fan, so that's kind of awesome.

ways to listen

In case you are just tuning in, this is for the compilation called: Courage and Consequence that I'm putting out that has the same name as Karl Rove's book and comes out BEFORE his book. Themed with song about him.
It is awesome, it is culture jam-ish and it is grassroots.

For the record, we're 9 days away.
and $1,290 of the $3000 goal.

That's 150 pre-orders of $20, with 9 days to go.
I'm hoping the radio appearence and upcoming East Bay Express article puts us over the top.
However, you can DEFINITELY help.

bands on the comp:
Heavenly States
Poster Children
Have Special Power
Victory and Associates
Assistant Cobra
Cold Lake
United Sons of Toil
Death Dream
We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next
Hurry Up Shotgun
Lambs of Abortion

I am represented on here as well, and you will hear more about that soon enough.
For now, just know that it is a great comp and it will be $20 well spent/pledged.

Thanks, not having to stress about that might actually get me in the mood to write about my life.

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I have now made a new decision!
I will not blog a single thing on this livejournal until i have met the goal for the Project: Courage and Consequence - Karl Rove culture jam.

Ok, calm down, calm down.
I know that this will come as a shock to you all.
But if you want to see more posts in this livejournal, you had better either spread the word about this comp or contribute a few dollars yourself.

It's pretty simple. Karl Rove is a treasonous jerk, and he's putting out a memoir pretty soon. So you are going to be seeing good ol' Turdblossom all over every talk show spreading his lies. Here's what we're doing.
Remember this:

Pretty cool, right?
Well we're doing the same thing, with this:

Help wipe that smug smile off his face, but not by a competing book, it's a rocking compilation LP and digital download album OF THE SAME NAME coming out BEFORE his book.

We need about $3000 to do this right, we're 1/3 of the way there at the time of this writing, and YOU can help.

I promise that the floodgates of updates will open once this goal is met, I have a few months backlog.

until then, contribute, reblog, DIGG, please

I think I will write here soon, after I get some rest.

There is a lot to catch up on.
I can count at least 5 sizable entries, most with pictures.

Perhaps it is more likely people will read them now that there has been a mass exodus to Facebook/Twitter, etc.

As a side note, I think I want to make a t-shirt that says:
"I hate your short attention spa-"

Geared towards facebook/twitter, etc, but also in general... to everybody that has ever suddenly started talking/changed the subject 3 seconds before the punchline/point of the story.
Sorry it's true.
I love our modern society in many ways, but people have become flippantly impatient and it's bothersome.
"I hate your short attention spa-"

I like it.

I actually did a search to see if that had been created already, and strangely I found nothing.
I'm used to coming up with a great idea and finding out that it's been done 20 times over.
It's like trying to come up with band names in today's age or something.

So yes, consider this a press release announcing upcoming livejournal posts.

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Good times ahead.
Police Teeth
Hurry Up Shotgun


It will be awesome.
Police Teeth
Hurry Up Shotgun

Get into it!

Yes, it sucks that it's only 2 days a week for 2 hours, but chances are good that this role will expand as time goes on, and... quite frankly I work for a cool company. The only thing is, I can't recommend it to anybody that doesn't drive since the school is by the Oakland Zoo.

If you know of anybody or are interested, comment here or e-mail me at conan at neutron-x dot com.


Before responding, please read this ad carefully.
This is for a PART time position as an instructor for an after school computer lab, Mondays and Fridays from 3pm-5pm at a K-5 charter school in East Oakland.

This is for a fixed computer lab, of Macintosh desktops (10.4.11). The purpose of said lab will be to develop the students skills in typing, critical thinking and research. While giving them exposure to a real time computing environment and building skills that will be applicable later in life.

Curriculum: Time will be divided equally amongst typing programs, internet research projects, and educational games. Children will be strictly supervised to ensure adherence to curriculum and their progress shall be charted and reported to administration and the technical manager.

The following programs will be used in the computer lab, and any experience or familiarity with them will be a plus: "Stagecast", "Read, Write and Type learning system", and "Music Ace"

Time will be split between those programs and Educational games such as Carmen San Diego Geography Learning System, Lemonade Tycoon, etc
Basic troubleshooting of Apple OS would be a plus.

Applicants must meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. To meet this requirement, the applicant must have a High School Diploma, GED or its equivalency. The basic skills test will be administered after receiving a job offer but before being officially hired.

This positions starts off as a 2 day a week 2 hour committment for 3rd - 5th grade, that is possibily expanadable depending upon the success of the program.
It pays $25 an hour.

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